Automatic Transmission
Automatic Transmission
dsinternationalFounded in 1928, the company has a mature transmission of the overall solution technology, set research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one, committed to creating a global automatic transmission of the overall solution for outstanding suppliers.
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Production capacity
According to professional statistics, in the country, automatic car market share is getting higher and higher, but the independent brand car automatic transmission supply by the major foreign transmission manufacturers supply restrictions, faced with hot models sales capacity constraints. Faced with this situation, DSI developed a three million years of production strategy of the layout. DSI in Hunan Xiangtan, Shandong Jining to achieve 600,000 capacity, with the increase in sales, new customers into mass production models, DSI Ninghai base in Ningbo is under construction, is expected to be completed in 2018, steadily to the goal of millions of production capacity.
R & D capabilities
The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and has research and development centers in Melbourne and Shanghai, Australia. The R & D center has the ability to test all components, including torsion, fatigue testing, and durability testing capabilities with dedicated dynamometers, as well as internal software development, gearbox calibration and integration capabilities. Shanghai R & D Center has a number of mechanical engineers and software and calibration engineers to support the initial customer technical advice, and to our Chinese customers with timely technical support.
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Shuanglin DSI provides customers with a complete gearbox system, at present our main products include precursor 6-speed automatic transmission, rear drive 6-speed automatic transmission, P2 hybrid gearbox, matching torque 170-450Nm, covering cars, SUV, pickup Models, design life of 250,000 km, the product can achieve two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive applications.